Whether you are a training centre, a recruiter or a recruitment agency, subscribing to an e-marketing campaign on our Prosyjob.com platform allows you to increase your visibility online and especially with your target audience according to age, school level, geographical location, academic background, etc...
We offer you the following services:
- Non-animated banner in PNG or JPG format (vertical and horizontal), animated banner in Flash or Gif format (vertical and horizontal), Non-exclusive broadcasting of the advertising banner, Exclusive broadcasting of the advertising banner, Flyer design, Mailing of the flyer, A prosyjob.com website design with your products or services that can be changed according to your needs.

Characteristics :
From 20 000 FCFA, have 2 non-animated banners designed for you:
  • design of a vertical banner
  • design of a horizontal banner
  • In PNG or JPG format

Non-animated banners

2 banners, horizontal and vertical in JPG or PNG format for publication on the web.

Animated banners

2 animated banners (vertical and horizontal) in Gif or Flash format.

Non-exclusive banner advertising

Your banner or text is displayed randomly on all or some of the pages of the prosyjob.com site for 1 month.

Exclusive banner ad delivery

Your banner or your text is displayed alone on the advertising space of your choice. 10 Frs HT / display and per click for 1 month.

Design of flyers

  This is a flyer designed in the company's colours to be sent by email to the target in the PROSYJOB database.

Mailling of the flyer

The previously designed flyer is sent to all or a selection of profiles. (The PROSYJOB database is perfectly profiled).