Prosygma Sarl provides you with a set of online actions aiming at promoting and making visible your structure or your personality on social networks. It is about animating and engaging a community around the communication broadcasted by your structure or personality. To do this, we provide you with: the creation of a Facebook and/or Instagram page, the animation of this page and the sponsoring of your advertisements.

Characteristics :
From 25000 FCFA, boost your Facebook page and gain visibility and subscribers.
- Creation of Facebook + Instagram page
- Animation of the Facebook page
- Sponsoring of Facebook publications

Facebook + Instagram page creation

Design and insertion of profile and cover, design of publication template with logo, design of editorial line, writing of monthly publication schedule and monthly analytical report 

Animation of the Facebook page

Publication planning, design of creatives, publication of posts in the group, registration in groups, sharing of publications in groups and monthly analytical report

Sponsoring of Facebook publications

Sponsoring of the page and publications